GOP Senators Take The Axe To Medicaid

GOP Senators Take The Axe To Medicaid

GOP Senators Take The Axe To Medicaid

Medicaid is the federal-state program that helps pay for health care for the needy, aged, blind and disabled, and for low-income families with children. My mom had multiple sclerosis. And, the Legislature is considering a bill that would allow Texas to receive any new federal money under AHCA that would help fund "high-risk pools" for those with pre-existing conditions.

Rather than joining with Republicans to rescue Americans from this dying legislative monstrosity that made health care less accessible and increasingly unaffordable, Democrats chose to take the low road, propagating fear and lies about the House bill known as the American Health Care Act (AHCA). Insurers could also charge women more for covering pregnancy, C-section, domestic violence, mental illness and even rape or sexual assault which could be categorized "pre-existing" conditions under medical underwriting practices. "I hope you enjoyed it" - we've got to find a way", she said.

Under the AHCA, an insurance company would not be able to deny insurance coverage to someone due to their pre-existing condition. The House's GOP leadership did that to, in essence, allow the Senate to pass the bill despite Democratic opposition, according to published reports.

To read this article in one of Houston's most-spoken languages, click on the button below. The second-biggest chunk of Medicaid spending in Pennsylvania, more than $4 billion, goes for long-term nursing care; Medicaid (not Medicare) pays for most (66 percent) nursing home days across the state. The ACA forbids insurers from denying coverage to people based on preexisting conditions. It will reduce access to prenatal care through both Medicaid and private insurance.

And that's before insurers do another round of rate hikes in the next cycle of the "death spiral".

Another Indivisible activist equated paying for the essential benefit to a societal good of property owners who pay taxes that go toward public schools, but don't have children who go there. "Any changes to Medicaid, frankly, will hurt the elderly". That said, under the American Health Care Act, Medicaid expansion recipients will be grandfathered in their current coverage, subject to continuing eligibility. The voters hoping Congress will fix the Affordable Care Act surely expected House Democrats to be thinking of their personal suffering and anxiety when the roll was called, rather than mocking Republicans they believe will lose their seats over their vote next November.

I know because I used Obamacare health insurance for a couple of years, and I got a lot of mileage out of it.

Middle-income 40-year-olds, for example, would see their premiums tumble to $770 under the Republican plan, about a fifth of what they would pay under Obamacare. Alas, the two parties in Washington are more concerned about wins and losses and political brownie points to bother putting their heads together in an effort to make health care legislation that would have broad appeal among Americans. In safe red states, they can get away with throwing millions of people off their health care plan. Congress should ensure that no one loses coverage and that out-of-pocket costs decline.

The American Health Care Act modernizes and strengthens Medicaid by enacting the largest entitlement reform in the program's history. If this were true, millions of Americans wouldn't have been without access to affordable, quality health care before the ACA.

Ok, I really did stop reading after the first two sentences, but then when the page reloaded after my first post I caught glance of the third sentence, where they called the murderous Planned Parenthood a "health provider".

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