White House Tries to Regroup, But Trump Isn't Helping

White House Tries to Regroup, But Trump Isn't Helping

White House Tries to Regroup, But Trump Isn't Helping

Everything Trump says on Twitter, it's an official presidential statement. His Monday morning blasts came as the White House was attempting to kick off a week focused on infrastructure plans. "I can do messages around the media and get my word out, the way I mean my word", he told the Christian Broadcasting Network at the end of January.

"I thought today's efforts between myself and the RNC were incredibly successful in pushing back against the fake media", Trump Jr. said. "The Justice Dept. should have stayed with the original travel ban, not the watered down, politically correct version they submitted to S.C.", Trump tweeted. The press secretary then turned to defending the president's tweet.

President Donald Trump uses his Twitter account like a modern day (but nasty rhetoric-filled) fireside chat. Every Trump tweet, no matter how reckless, destructive or lie-filled, is an on-the-record declaration by America's commander-in-chief.

With regard to undermining his own administration and agenda, there's a Trump critic much closer to home for Conway.

CUOMO: The president of the United States decides multiple times to tell the entire world what he wants our travel policy to be with respect to these Muslim countries, and you're saying, ignore it because it's a tweet and not a piece of paper that says executive order on it. That Twitter is the authentic Trump, the one not lawyered up and filtered down.

Sixty-nine percent of registered voters said he is using Twitter "too much", while 15 percent said he is tweeting "about the right amount".

And yet, over the last 48 hours, a slew of Trump surrogates - not to mention Trump himself - have tried to argue that the only way to understand Trump's social media presence is to hold both of those ideas in your head at the same time. Now that users are getting blocked from the account for offending the president, a group of lawyers say his actions infringe on their freedom of speech. "I think it's frankly refreshing". But 41 percent of Republicans say Trump's Twitter habit is a good thing, compared to 37 percent who say it's a bad thing.

Another defence proposed by experts is that the Block feature on Twitter does not practically affect a user's ability to access Trump's Twitter feed because all they have to do is log off from their blocked account to access it.

Conway was previously an unnoticed and noncontroversial presence on Twitter, causing news organisations to scramble to verify that he controlled the account. The second reason this is so risky is because it shows how disconnected this White House staff is from even one another.

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