Rep. Steve Scalise 'took a bullet for all of us'

Rep. Steve Scalise 'took a bullet for all of us'

Rep. Steve Scalise 'took a bullet for all of us'

Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise remains in critical condition, but his vital signs have "stabilized" two days after being shot during a congressional baseball practice on Wednesday, hospital officials announced Friday.

"I don't want to be cynical, but in my experience there is a short time - it may be a month, two months, three months", he said.

Scalise was shot Wednesday, June 14, 2017, at a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, .

Scalise, 51, suffered a rifle wound in his left hip that shattered bones, tore organs and caused severe bleeding.

Sava said that after being released from the hospital, Scalise "will require a period of healing and rehabilitation".

More on this as it develops. David Bailey, an officer who helped take down the shooter, threw the first pitch.

Richmond said he assumes he will be Thursday night's starting pitcher for the Democrats, and the former college baseball player is likely to make Democrats the favorite tonight.

More than $1 million has been raised for Congressional Sports for Charity, and more than 20,000 tickets have been sold for the game, the organizers wrote on Facebook Thursday afternoon.

Scalise is said to be somewhat responding to medical staff and family, according to the doctors. Mika's family said the lobbyist was shot multiple times and was in critical condition following surgery.

"The. ways they could do that is you've ever been treated by a mental physician or in a mental hospital, or you've been convicted of a felony, or have been convicted of domestic battery", said Wagner.

Democrats bounced back from a loss past year, when the game was played the night after they held an all-night session on the House floor to protest Republican inaction on gun legislation.

"Let's play ball", the three most cherished words said to any baseball fan, had added meaning Thursday night when Republican and Democratic members of Congress came to play at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. On Wednesday morning, a shooter took aim at Republican players practicing at a suburban baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with Congressman Steve Scalise today", LSU baseball coach Paul Mainieri said before the team left for Omaha.

Capitol Police officers in Scalise's security detail returned fire, and Hodgkinson later died from his wounds.

Scalise has received multiple blood transfusions, which can affect clotting, something doctors will monitor closely.

US President Donald Trump has called for unity in the wake of the horrific shooting incident in which a top Republican leader was injured, saying that despite differences the devotion to the country brings the people together.

Investigators said in a statement that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has searched the van, which was parked not far from the Alexandria, Virginia, baseball field where Wednesday's shooting took place. Capitol Police said they had "no evidence to suggest that the purchases were not lawful".

The Democrats emerged with the victory on the back of seven strong innings of pitching from Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-La. - widely recognized since his election to the house to be the game's strongest player. Griner remained hospitalized at MedStar Hospital after getting shot in the ankle, and Sava described her in good condition.

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