Jerrod Carmichael, Mark Wahlberg Attend "Transformers"

Jerrod Carmichael, Mark Wahlberg Attend

Jerrod Carmichael, Mark Wahlberg Attend "Transformers"

Jamie, who lives in Saxon Gate, said: "Transformers the Movie was my first cinema experience back in 1986 so it was a childhood dream to work on such a big project and to meet actors such as Mark Wahlberg and Josh Duhamel was wonderful". That being said, it would be nice if a future Transformers movie gave Quintessa some depth rather than her just being evil because the movie needs someone to be evil. I honestly had anxiety dreams last night about this moment.

The movie star loved working with Sir Anthony Hopkins on the new Transformers movie.

"You never know. We are doing a 1985 Bumblebee movie, so there's, you know, a possibility you might just see that".

This latest chapter picks up about three years after "Age of Extinction". If this is truly the last outing for Bay as director of the franchise, he goes out the only way he knows how with a big brainless outing that will always have fans wondering what could have been if someone else was in charge. Among the returning Transformer voice talent are Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime, John Goodman as Hound, Ken Watanabe as Drift and Reno Wilson as Mohawk and Sqweeks. Why no Prime? When Prime fight in finale, it good movie. Not only do negative reviews have little effect on ticket sales, these movies show little interest in addressing that criticism from one installment to the next.

Thanks to ever-growing box-office figures in worldwide markets rather than here at home, the future is Optimus Prime-big.

The movie, which focuses on a war between humans and Transformers, will launch on Tuesday in 546 locations in the 7 p.m. local time in 3D Imax and RealD large format showings, before it expands to 3,000 an hour later.

Mark Wahlberg is back as Cade Yeager and spends the entire film looking totally confused by every situation he's presented with. The Dinobots live there, too. After Pain and Gain I was like, "Whatever you want to do". Which now that I think about it, sounds a lot like being at the dentist. And there's also the plot point of what's left of Cybertron hurtling through space on a collision course with Earth.

Hopkins does seem to have fun fleshing out his part as an English lord who is entrusted with the secret to why Transformers keep returning to Earth. Mandatory. What if Merlin wasn't a wizard at all, but really just a soused charlatan whose "magic" staff was able to conjure the Transformers? Or that Cogman has a personality disorder and describes himself as a "sociopath".

"If I'm going to do 3D, I'm going to do it the right way". It just makes you exhausted. When we do get some Transformers action, it's mostly Optimus Prime giving another, "I am OPTIMUS PRIME!" speech.

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