Mom Day 1 in overseas

Mom Day 1 in overseas

Mom Day 1 in overseas

We never expected it to be that huge", she says with a smile.Quiz her on her daughter's debut, and she answers, "Yes, she has opted for films. This movie reminds us of the Nirbhaya moment that our country dealt with.

"Another reviewer Lehren TV, says "[the movie also stars] two very efficient Pakistani actors. Although the film's opening day collections didn't meet expectations, it has done fairly better than the first-day collection of Sridevi's 2012 film "English Vinglish" which opened at Rs 2.25 crore. Arya dreams of a nice vacation in the hills, while Devki desires that Arya accepts her and call her "Mom" and not 'Mam'.

We can't wait to see Sridevi as the pillar of strength in Mom which is releasing 7th July.

The movie has already got hype with trailer. Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays a vital role in the film.He looks unknowable with protruding teeth in a semi-bald look. MOM might have got rave reviews from critics but has started on a slow note. But Arya does not treat Devki like her Mom. Their lives are plunged into turmoil when Arya is raped by four men, who are eventually let off for lack of evidence. Arya accepts Piyu, but Devki will always remain "Mam" (Ma'am) for her as she is also her teacher in school. She is an excellent performer, and once again she showcases her wide range of emotions in Mom, effortlessly. Deeply affected by Arya's trauma and being denied justice, Devki decides to take the matter in our own hands and seek redemption.

The Hollywood Reporter is less impressed, saying there's a kind of overeager cluelessness displayed in this occasionally exciting but often frustrating film, which seems to think the iconic character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko will appeal more to tech-addicted teens if only his costume has as many gizmos baked into it as Iron Man's. Would Devki be able to defeat Jagan? She delivers her character passionately with her distinctive histrionics. In fact, a few weeks ago Raveena Tandon's Maatr dealt with a similar plot line.

Then of course the plot where Devki aided by a sharp but cartoonish detective DK (played by such rich flavour by Nawazuddin) plots a revenge where the cops know she is the one executing the killings but can not do anything about it.

The actor, having been a superstar in the 80's, has been gaining attention for her recent work, giving a number of new starlets a run for their money. Thankfully, just when you wonder where is the film going, a twist in the tale appears and the director manages to bring interest back amongst the audience. The screenplay and the dialogues have been handled well which makes the film look decent. The hype helped o attract audience to the theatres.

Mother is known as the symbol for Strength; this move further stresses those words. When we're talking about Sridevi and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, cliches are the last thing we could expect from the film.

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