Privacy Group Sues White House to Stop Voter Data Collection

Privacy Group Sues White House to Stop Voter Data Collection

Privacy Group Sues White House to Stop Voter Data Collection

The problem with that is, the requested information is available to the public already. At least 44 states have so far refused to turn over information about voters to the committee, with state officials releasing strong statements coming out against the commission. He pointed to anger among GOP leaders in 2013 when the Missouri Highway Patrol provided public information on concealed-carry gun permits to the Social Security Administration at its request. The government wants to make all of the data public. It offered some recommendations to the presidential panel but no data. In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton defeated Trump by only 3 percentage points, underscoring the importance for all eligible voters to participate in upcoming elections.

The commission's stated rationale for collecting the voter records is to determine whether voter fraud was committed by comparing them to other federal registries of undocumented people living in the country. "But depending on how it's ordered you can get a participation list for any past election".

Wisconsin's response to a request from the Trump administration on voter data was less colorful than that of some other states.

I have spent the last decade in office working to improve our election process, making voting in Colorado more accessible through same-day registration and the ability to cast your ballot in the most convenient way for you.

The watchdog group EPIC late Friday formally added the Department of Defense - which operates a website to which the commission asks states to send their information - as a defendant to its lawsuit that already challenged the commission over what the group argues is an "unprecedented" White House invasion of Americans' privacy.

Why does Wisconsin sell voters' information?

"What are liberals afraid of?" asked Scott Geer in a post.

Walker said buying the data sets is "common practice". "We will follow up with you with further instructions once the Judge issues her ruling". "And we're not the only people who do it. Campaigns, consultants, other political parties".

That litigation has prompted the office of Vice President Mike Pence - who chairs the commission - to email secretaries of state on Monday asking them to hold off transmitting any voter data pending the resolution of that case, according to a copy of the email obtained by CNN.

Colorado's official stance matches what most states are saying about the request - the state will provide the voter information that is now available.

States such as Missouri, Texas and Florida eagerly chose to fulfill the commission's requesting, citing state law that officials say compels them to respond to requests for public information from the federal government. The commission said that, if it prevails, it will "use an alternative means for transmitting the requested data". Before we had voter registration, poll workers would write the names and addresses of everyone who voted in large books, and those poll books were open to public inspection. However, the records do not include information on how a person voted.

MARTINEZ: State to state, there seems to be different interpretations of what public information is.

Trump formed the commission to investigate voter fraud because of his fact-free belief that he won the popular vote, even though Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton received almost three million votes more than him.

Kobach last week fired back, accusing the media of exaggerating the number of states that had resisted handing over the information. The program has been criticized for generating false positives and causing legitimate voters to be removed from the rolls.

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