Sen. Flake Warns GOP Against 'Anti-Immigration Fervor'

Sen. Flake Warns GOP Against 'Anti-Immigration Fervor'

Sen. Flake Warns GOP Against 'Anti-Immigration Fervor'

While some Republicans try to tune out what they see as distracting and sometimes destructive rhetoric and action from Trump, they recognize that they can not fully disavow him without also dashing their hopes of implementing the conservative policies they championed in the campaign. "And tremendous powers of denial", he wrote in an essay Politico published Monday.

"I'm concerned about where the party goes if we embrace those kinds of principles", he said of the president's support of certain kinds of policies, such as economic protectionism. "When will it stop?"

GOP consultant Keith Appell said it's a mistake to look at the timing of the new Clinton probes and see them as a diversion to help Republicans forget the health care collapse.

He says that Congress exists in part to serve as a check against "an executive branch in chaos" and that since the Republicans control both houses of Congress, they have a duty to stand up to Donald Trump - a duty they've failed to live up to.

Flake also said the American people should not be afraid to speak out against the president.

Of Flake's new book title, "Conscience of a Conservative", Levin added, "I think it's a great title".

The article has received a chunk of reaction. Arizona needs statesmen, not party hacks.

If this seems far-fetched or impossible, one then has to ask what Flake's indictment really means.

Flake argues that fact nearly makes it harder for Congress to act, especially against a president of their own party. In a notable encounter in July 2016, Trump clashed with Flake at a meeting between the candidate and GOP senators, with Trump reportedly telling Flake he would lose his re-election bid, even though Flake was not on the ballot.

She also points out that Flake is taking a bold step forward. They wrote this piece for The Washington Post, where it first appeared. "He offers a despairing, unsparing indictment of everyone in Congress who went along with Trump's election". As The Arizona Republic notes, Democrats are unlikely to vote for him no matter what he says about Trump, and the Trump-supporting Republican base hates him for speaking out against Trump and supporting "centrist" policies like comprehensive immigration reform.

In his book, titled "Conscience of a Conservative", Jeff Flake wrote that the "strategy is hard to detect" in the "tweeting life of our president".

And DeWit, seen by Republicans in the state as the most formidable challenger, has given little indication that he intends to run.

Noble said "Jeff Flake has always been Jeff Flake", someone who is not afraid to speak his mind.

And Flake is hardly standing pat. Today we know conservative were right and Flake was wrong, but that wouldn't be the only time Flake sold out conservatives.

According to the Amazon description, Goldwater's 1960 book "reignited the American conservative movement and made Barry Goldwater a political star" and "has influenced countless conservatives in the United States, helping to lay the foundation for the Reagan Revolution in 1980".

Sal Russo, a veteran Sacramento-based Republican strategist, said his party should be expected to try to politically counter the impact of Mueller's investigation. In a statement released Tuesday, he forcefully denounced Senator Flake for his disingenuous abuse of Goldwater's conservative legacy.

As The Atlantic reported, Flake has spoken out against Trump and the party by engaging in civil political discourse.

The criticisms come despite Flake's conservative bona fides.

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