New Venezuelan Assembly Promises Quick Action

New Venezuelan Assembly Promises Quick Action

New Venezuelan Assembly Promises Quick Action

Access to the block in the capital's business district where the building is located was completely restricted amid a heavy troop deployment. The official spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation.

The assembly has the authority to rewrite the constitution, and will supersede all other branches of government.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence has urged condemnation of the regime of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for the arrest of two top opposition leaders.

In her words, the "violent fascists, who are waging economic war on the people" will face justice.

The Vatican has joined worldwide condemnation of the assembly by calling for it to be suspended.

"We have faced and we are facing an armed insurgency".

Turnout figures in Venezuela's Constitutional Assembly election were manipulated up by least 1 million votes, Smartmatic, a company which has worked with Venezuela since 2004 on its voting system, said on Wednesday.

Furthermore, in the days leading up to and following the election, uprisings and protests swept throughout the country. More than 120 people have meanwhile died in anti-Maduro protests over the last four months.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos told the press yesterday that Maduro's National Constituent Assembly is illegal and therefore Colombia would not recognize any of its decisions.

The National Electoral Council، considered by the opposition as Maduro's mouthpiece، declared that more than eight million legitimate voters had cast their ballots، putting the turnout of about 41 percent.

The decision to annul the powers of the opposition-led parliament was later revoked، but the protests have only continued since then.

"I said it clearly, and I think that the global community has as well, that this assembly had illegal and spurious origins". "With your bodies as your shield, you have defended the right to peace".

Before the National Constituent Assembly election, there have been casualties in the clashes between anti-government protesters and law enforcers.

On Friday, the OAS' Inter-American Commission on Human Rights ordered Venezuela to protect Ortega, saying her life was at risk after she launched an investigation into the legality of the new, all-powerful Constituent Assembly. "We respect the official government of Venezuela and President Maduro at this moment", he stated.

On Saturday, a South American trading bloc, Mercosur, was meeting in Brazil to decide whether to suspend Venezuela from the organization. There's speculation they will evict Venezuela for violating the group's democratic norms.

It will have sweeping powers to upend institutions and in theory could even remove Maduro.

Nicolas Maduro, the handpicked successor of the late Hugo Chavez, has managed not only to bankrupt his once-prosperous, oil-rich nation, but now wants to rob it of the democracy it once enjoyed.

Forty countries have admonished Maduro for seeing through the creation of the new assembly, with the US hitting him with sanctions this week and US President Donald Trump branding him a dictator.

The legitimacy of the Constituent Assembly has been thrown into question by claims of fraud, most notably by a British-based firm, Smartmartic, which was involved in supplying the technology for the July 30 vote.

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