Taylor Swift Vindicated by Jury in Groping Trial

Taylor Swift Vindicated by Jury in Groping Trial

Taylor Swift Vindicated by Jury in Groping Trial

Swift cried and hugged her mother as the verdicts were read in U.S. District Court in Denver and mouthed an emphatic "thank you" to members of the jury as they left the courtroom.

The judge had previously tossed out a portion of Mueller's case, saying he failed to prove that Swift personally meant to have him fired when she reported the incident to his bosses.

"Look at Ms. Swift's face and ask yourself, 'Is that the face of a person who just had a unusual man grab her butt?'" attorney Gabe McFarland asked in his closing argument in a Denver federal courthouse, CNN reported. Baldridge said the question before the jury was: "Will aggressors like David Mueller be allowed to victimize the victim?" "He lost his job because he grabbed her butt and got caught".

Mueller had sued Swift, the singer's mom Andrea Swift, and radio promotions director Frank Bell in 2015, accusing them of interfering with his $150,000/year contract as a local morning radio DJ in Denver by pressuring his employer, KYGO radio, to fire him.

The jury voted to award Swift the $1 she filed for.

The case was largely fought on the credibility of Swift and Mueller.

Taylor's win comes after an iconic testimony in court where she cut Mueller's attorney down to size again and again. She was consistent. And she really refused to be shamed, even at one point looking at the lawyer and said, I'm going to - I refuse to make this about me, that this is not my fault.

The mother of the icon blonde Andrea Swift also had tears in my eyes listening to Mr. McFarland, and stretched tissue paper to his daughter, who has diverted from the public to wipe his eyes and blow his nose.

"This was not jostling", Swift said.

Swift took the stand on Thursday, recounting how Mueller grabbed her during a meet and greet. "I felt him grab onto my bare ass cheek", she said. "I think it's a new day, because someone with the guts and the courage to stand up with absolutely no upside in doing so-that being Taylor Swift-has told everyone, 'This is it, the line's drawn'".

Fans were able to watch the Taylor Swift v David Mueller hearing.

Martinez ruled Friday that the singer could not be held liable because the ousted KYGO-FM host failed to prove that she personally set out to have him fired after the alleged incident. Today (8/14), MCFARLAND called SIMBECK, "the least credible witness", adding that SIMBECK only said that because she still works for SWIFT and wants to keep her job.

Meanwhile, Dr Luke's defamation lawsuits against Kesha, her countersuit, and part of her injunction appeal are still ongoing, according to Vulture.

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