Labour and Labor collusion over Barnaby Joyce grows

Labour and Labor collusion over Barnaby Joyce grows

Labour and Labor collusion over Barnaby Joyce grows

Here's Australia's foreign minister, in a fit of collective government pique, saying before the NZ election she'd have problems with the possible winners.

Here is how it unfolded.

This throws into doubt his eligibility to be a member of parliament as dual citizens are not allowed to hold public office under the constitution.

Deputy leader Larissa Williams soon follows after learning she is a Canadian and Australian citizen.

"We received verbal communication from New Zealand before question time that that has now been accepted and we're looking forward to the written advice turning up pronto", he said.

FEDERAL Parliament's citizenship furore has descended into a slanging match of "baseless smear" and wild accusations thrown across the floor of both houses as drama escalates. NZ's Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) tells The Australian someone needs to apply to be a citizen.

But the opposition has stressed that he did not mention Mr Joyce's case nor ask Mr Hipkins to take up the issue in Parliament.

His mother was Australian and his father was born in New Zealand and came to Australia in 1947 as a British subject.

The replies are due on August 17.

The dual citizenship crisis kicked off in July when the minor Greens party's co-deputy leader Scott Ludlam resigned after revealing he had dual Australian-New Zealand citizenship.

Joyce, whose Kiwi citizenship sparked the row, backed Bishop for "calling out" clandestine schemers.

It's is baffling, then, that prospective politicians - those who wish to make a difference to the society in which they grew up - may be ineligible for being a dual citizen. Waters and Ludlum chose to resign, while Canavan has stepped back from his Cabinet position, pending a High Court ruling.

Hipkins' questions are found on the Parliament website.

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern said today she would welcome a conversation with Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, and again moved to quell a ruction with the Australian Government by not criticising Bishop's comments.

This country's own farcical few weeks notwithstanding, there will be many New Zealanders looking on in glee at the developments, given our often rivalrous relationship.

She said she had no knowledge of Mr Hipkins' question - which she described as "not appropriate" - and knew "absolutely nothing" about the Barnaby Joyce case until it broke in the media on Monday.

Mr English said the New Zealand Labour party showed "very poor judgement" in their involvement and believed it was "a statement of fact" that the controversy could result in damaging trans-Tasman relations.

Amber is the ex-wife of Johnny Depp, and the pair illegally smuggled her Yorkshire Terriers Pistol and Boo into Australia in 2015.

Ms Bishop wasn't convinced, doubting how Senator Wong's "closest, most-trusted adviser" would have acted without her knowledge.

Senator Hanson, who supported the censure motion, said Senator Wong had "used her office to get information" and use the opportunity to further query Labor members' citizenship status. Ganley worked with Hipkins and Ardern as a ministerial adviser in the Labour Government.

"I'm referring to Bill Shorten using a foreign political party to raise questions in a foreign parliament deliberately created to undermine confidence in the Australian Government".

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