Viewing eclipse can be hazardous

Viewing eclipse can be hazardous

Viewing eclipse can be hazardous

If you have been living under a rock, a solar eclipse is happening for the viewing pleasure of the entire contiguous continent of North America on Monday, Aug. 21.

Because the Buffalo Niagara region will not be in the zone of totality, about one-quarter of the sun's rays will still make it through at the time of the greatest eclipse here.

Most TV coverage begins Monday around 1 the eclipse begins in the West.

12 4 p.m.

The class has been preparing for the solar eclipse, and 3rd grader Daniel Johnson says he's ready for it.

For those outside of the zone of totality, NASA has warned people not to look directly into the partial eclipse.

For example, you can go to, and, in the main box area, type in "pictures of a solar eclipse", then hit enter and watch the stars align-literally! The NASA feed will be available on several platforms, including Facebook. And where can one get drunk in the middle of the day while watching the eclipse and screaming the lyrics to "Total Eclipse of the Heart"?

To protect your eyes make sure you have the right glasses that are certified and meet global safety standards. Specialized solar filters can be purchased to place on cameras, telescopes and binoculars for safe viewing.

The party in the Beer Garden will feature special themed music - yes, you'll hear "Total Eclipse of the Heart" - and tasty Dark Horse beers.

And remember - after day turns into night we could be in for a nightmare when it comes to traffic following the eclipse. About 85% of the sun will be covered by the moon at it's maximum.

Residents and visitors of Greenville will experience two minutes and ten seconds of the eclipse at 2:38 p.m. EST.

Though different in size, the distance of the moon and the sun from Earth, (239,000 miles and 93,000,000 miles respectively) means they can appear the same size from Earth's point of view.

In an "abundance of caution", Slocum said, she asked customers to return 36 pairs of glasses she wasn't sure were completely safe due to a concern with a distributor's order.

Are there stories of people actually going blind or suffering severe damage from past eclipses? You can take your right hand and your left hand and spread your fingers a little bit apart and put them over top of each other so it looks like a grid or a waffle.

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