Local Dreamers face uncertainty if DACA ends

Local Dreamers face uncertainty if DACA ends

Local Dreamers face uncertainty if DACA ends

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo warned Monday that Democrats shouldn't make a deal with President Donald Trump to continue to allow young immigrants brought into the country illegally to remain in the United States, saying Trump is duping them into negotiating "a de facto wall".

A cursory glance at the of immigration laws shows that late-19th century policy was substantially more liberal, and could arguably be characterized as an open border with European countries, a reality which only began changing around the 1920s.

According to the College's additional sources on DACA, the federal government will only accept renewal applications for eligible DACA beneficiaries through October 5, 2017.

Members of Congregations United to Serve Humanity, Amistad Cristiana and St. Mark the Evangelist Church will be available to help individuals complete and look over their applications, said Sandy Milligan, administrative assistant with CUSH. Offering them legal protection while this country finally sorts out its immigration reform mess is an act of compassion and intelligence - these are the kind of hardworking go-getters who already are assets to this country.

Latthivongskorn, who was brought to the USA from Thailand when he was 9, told Reuters that he might not be able to carry out his medical residency in a few months if he's unable to work legally.

For Trump, who campaigned in favor of the border wall and for ending the DACA program, his reversal is a major test of the so-called Fifth Avenue principle he gave during the election.

Former President Barack Obama issued the executive order in 2012 to prevent these children from being deported.

Raleigh tells OneNewsNow she doubts Congress will do the right thing, which to her is granting DACA recipients work visas or student visas.

Two weeks ago, he agreed to a plan backed by Congressional Democrats to raise the nation's debt ceiling and provide relief for victims of hurricane Harvey with no other budget stipulations.

Milligan said the coalition and church representatives have been meeting with Milwaukee immigration attorney Sarah Blackwell to train volunteers.

Her husband thinks about it often, though.

Deporting DACA recipients would cost Americans an estimated $60 billion just in federal tax revenue and almost a half a trillion dollars in economic growth in the next 10 years, according to a report by CNN Money, as reported by Paris Achen, reporter for our newspaper chain's capitol bureau.

DACA enrollee's whose status expires before March 5, 2018 may apply for a full two-year extension until October 5 of this year. "Our goal is to prevent the Trump Administration from implementing the full implications of rescinding the DACA program", said NAACP's Deputy General Counsel Janette M. Louard.

"That's a big issue for a lot of these Dreamers", he said. They wanted to be college students or to start careers. "We need to fix the root problem", said the speaker, emphasizing that any compromise deal would have to include greatly-enhanced border security and enforcement.

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