Will United States Impose New Gun Laws After Las Vegas Shooting?

Will United States Impose New Gun Laws After Las Vegas Shooting?

Will United States Impose New Gun Laws After Las Vegas Shooting?

Sen. Richard Durbin of IL, the Senate's No. 2 Democrat, pushed Congress to pass a universal background checks bill and "commonsense gun laws" to help prevent the next mass shooting.

"I have a plea for gun owners across this country: Urge the non-resident aliens (NRA) to represent your views". In a news conference Tuesday, police said they are trying to figure out who leaked the photos to the media. For the time being, however, Nelson believes there will be significantly less momentum behind any pro gun rights legislation.

Listening to the gunfire during Sunday night's mass shooting is unsettling, but it is absolutely necessary to understand how the gunman was able to kill so many people, so quickly.

On an average, more than 90 Americans lose their lives to gun violence every day, a daily toll of heartbreak and tragedy in communities across the US.

Investigators are still working to determine how many of them were actually used.

Others, however, view measures such as stricter background checks as simply logical, in order to prevent those with a history of violence or mental illness from obtaining firearms.

Yesterday wasn't the time to talk about gun control either, because a 14-year-old boy was shot and killed after someone brought a gun to a fight. Yet no one can tell me how to protect myself or others from a shooter with automatic weapons high above a crowd below.

"All of a sudden we heard what sounded like a machine gun and people just started screaming that they were hit and to get down", witness Megan Kearny told NBC News. "It wasn't a mass shooting, it wasn't a terrorist attack, according to our PRESIDENT the one and only Donald Trump, it was a miracle", one tweet pointed out. Gun stocks' post-shooting rally this week- 3.5% for Sturm Ruger and 3.2% for Smith & Wesson - was smaller than those stocks saw after comparable shootings during the Obama era.

Murphy represents Newtown, Connecticut, where a gunman opened fire at an elementary school there in 2012, killing 27 people, including 20 schoolchildren. Now, the Vegas shooting has dwarfed all three of these incidents in terms of the death toll.

When law enforcement officials searched through Stephen Paddock's arsenal of weapons, they discovered that 12 of his 47 firearms were outfitted with a deadly device that allows a semiautomatic weapon to perform more like a fully automatic weapon.

"It depends on the cyclical rate of the firearm itself that can be as low as say 200-rounds per minute or it can be 600-rounds a minute", Brown said.

"This measure would pose an unacceptable risk to public safety making it more hard for law enforcement especially in urban areas to identify gun shots, locate shooters and protect civilians".

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