House Democrats pushing gun control after Las Vegas mass shooting

House Democrats pushing gun control after Las Vegas mass shooting

House Democrats pushing gun control after Las Vegas mass shooting

In the wake of one of the deadliest mass shootings in American history in Las Vegas, House Speaker Paul Ryan was asked what Congress could do to prevent these tragedies in the future.

"We have it in our power to curb gun violence and save lives".

Giffords, 47, represented Arizona's 8th District in the House of Representatives from 2007 to 2012.

"Another day marred by senseless violence".

"It doesn't seem to make a great difference at that ballot box, and that's frustrating", he said, noting Democrats will still continue to talk about the issue.

While the SHARE Act sounds terrifying, the second Republican-backed measure is quite possibly even worse, allowing gun owners from concealed-carry states to bring their firearms into states that have tight restrictions on concealed weapons. We can assume that other people - like my wife, former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords - will pay the price for our status quo. In other words: when we pass real gun reform, fewer people die from gun violence.

Americans need more than President Trump's prayers - we need his plans. In every color. Grieving mothers need your help. Critics say this would make it harder to identify the source of the gunfire in a mass shooting.

Today's dominated by gun corporations, not its members, and it animates only the most extreme voices and policies.

The incident, orchestrated by a lone gunman with no suspected ties to foreign terrorist organizations, has sparked yet another debate about gun control and whether Congress has a responsibility to act. "I also support banning the sale of gun magazines that hold more than 10 rounds at a time".

Thompson represents portions of Martinez, and U.S. Rep. Mark DeSaulnier (D-Walnut Creek), who called the Las Vegas shooting a "horrific tragedy", represents the rest of the city.

Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of NY and perennial leading advocate for gun control, opined that leaders should "resolve to stop mass shootings in America - and back up our words with actions".

"Last night's attack is the deadliest mass shooting in our country's modern history, and this year there have been more mass shootings than days in the year", Sanders said. He added, "The thoughts and prayers of politicians are cruelly hollow if they are paired with continued legislative indifference". A bipartisan bill on background checks failed in the Senate four years ago, and since then Republicans have usually pointed to mental health legislation when questioned about the appropriate congressional response to gun violence. He said nothing about gun legislation.

Giffords has since become an outspoken advocated of gun control.

Declaring that 'enough is enough, ' Democrats in Congress on Monday called for President Donald Trump and GOP leaders in the House and Senate to move forward on ways to cut down on gun violence, arguing that there is now a never-ending cycle of mass killings followed by inaction on the part of elected leaders in Washington. Through the years after shootings in West Virginia, other names have been involved in the same including Orlando, San Bernardino, Newtown, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Columbine and now there is Las Vegas.

CNN's Ashley Killough caught up with Sen. Although he described the Las Vegas shooting as an "act of pure evil", during the 2016 campaign he had pandered to the gun lobby's interest on occasion, particularly through fear-mongering that if the Democratic agenda succeeded, "Pretty soon, you won't be able to get guns". "It's not who we are". "We're focused on passing our budget", the speaker said. Our thoughts are with the injured, and with the families who were plunged into the horror of waiting for news on their loved ones. "I am in awe of and deeply grateful for the bravery demonstrated by law enforcement and first responders. Their actions saved lives and we thank them for what they did to protect residents".

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