Make friends on the go with Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Make friends on the go with Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Make friends on the go with Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Like past Animal Crossing titles, Pocket Camp is all about making friends and customizing your living space with furniture and other stylish items. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will place players in the role of campsite managers who attempt to lure villagers into visiting by setting up a pleasant campground.

".How the mobile game will be structured is something else entirely, but Nintendo and DeNA's previous attempts with Mario and Fire Emblem suggest that it could be a relatively meaningful interpretation of Animal Crossing on smart devices". Your facial features are also customizable including hair color, skin color, eye color, and gender.

OK Motors specialises in Camper customisation. You can purchase Leaf Tickets with real money to substitute for crafting materials, or you can earn them through regular play. Unfortunately, players won't actually be able to build a camp in those areas. You can also get Bells by shaking trees, or by selling things like bugs and minerals.

Leaf Tickets can also be spent on things like inviting KK Slider to your camp. Use Leaf Tickets to make up for any crafting materials you don't have. (Cyrus will be handling the building.) People can visit a beach, forest, island, and river to get items, with Breezy Hollow, Saltwater Shores, and Sunburst Island shown. You can fish and there is, of course, the ability to shop. The Market Place is full of stores run by familiar Animal Crossing characters like Timmy, Tommy and the Able Sisters.

You're given quite a lot of customisation options before getting started (and you can revisit this at any time in a menu to make adjustments). Chat or fulfil requests to raise this friendship level that is individual to each animal on camp.

You can exchange items with your friends, get decorating ideas from them and just wander around their campsite.

The game isn't available across the globe, but if your country is on this list, you're in luck.

If you've never played Animal Crossing, it's a community simulation game. You'll have to use an email address that isn't registered to a current Apple ID. However, according to reports the game is currently available right now for Android users in Australia.

While some Direct presentations are for a bunch of different games, some are focused on just one.

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