Linton Church carries on Thanksgiving dinner tradition

Linton Church carries on Thanksgiving dinner tradition

Linton Church carries on Thanksgiving dinner tradition

Thursday's 50th anniversary meal was an opportunity to remember those who had kept the Community Thanksgiving Dinner going in its early days - a task now being carried out by another, younger generation.

The church's leader, the Rev. Charles Jacobs, said the Thanksgiving meal is not only for the homeless or the needy - there was also a number of parishioners and volunteers eating Thursday afternoon - but for anyone who wants a meal.

Graham, who's a member of St. Joseph as well, has helped with the annual event for 30 years.

"My heart just bursts with pride because we can host this and have all of these people in here and together on Thanksgiving", Eppson Center Executive Director Tammy Comer said.

He's been volunteering for the dinner for 10 years. To donate, go to their website.

With Thanksgiving upon us, it's a great time to reflect on all you are thankful for.

"Took the breath out of me for a minute - then it was time to move on", she said before pausing at the Twin City Mission Thanksgiving lunch.

"When I get home tonight I'll be give out, but you feel good because you think you've done something that helps somebody that needed some help and that's what we're supposed to do", volunteer Jim Grisham said.

He and his son-in-law delivered about a dozen meals to people across the community.

"Everything worked very slick", Schultz said.

On average 950 guests attend the Thanksgiving meal and event, and co-chair Les Schultz anticipates they matched this number.

"We thought we would do something different this year".

Food, fellowship and friendship were served up Thursday as the Alle-Kiski Valley observed Thanksgiving.

Before getting her own plate at the church, Zuleama Saldana said she was grateful this season that she and her four kids are physically well. "I'm happy to be able to assist in providing a hot meal to people in need today, and every day".

"It's like a family reunion", he said.

University of Wyoming students Andrea Alzalde and McKenna Malmstrom came out to volunteer, as a way to spend Thanksgiving with members of the community.

She said the organization hopes to partner with the Orwell American Legion Post next year.

"I wanted to keep busy during the holiday so I thought this was the best way to do it", she said and added that her husband served 40 years in the military.

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