Google sold a Google Home device every second since Home Mini launch

Google sold a Google Home device every second since Home Mini launch

Google sold a Google Home device every second since Home Mini launch

The Smart Display is quite similar to the Amazon Echo Show in terms of its capabilities, but with the presence of Google Assistant on-board to help push it further.

Google has officially announced a new Smart Display platform that is powered by Google Assistant. "Our Home Hub platforms using Android Things are able to integrate the necessary technologies, with support for voice interfaces, connectivity to several ecosystems, and cloud integration to enable a wide range of IoT devices". But with the increasing popularity of voice assistants and products like Google Home, connecting an entire line of smart home products to a voice enabled solution seems to be the next logical step.

Casey Markee posted on Twitter that Google also blasted notifications to webmasters via Google Search Console that they are pushing you to add Google Assistant features to your content. There is also a 5 MP front-facing camera for video calls, along with a dedicated camera shutter button if you ever need to take a selfie. And if you're the sort who has a few Nest cameras around the house, tapping into them through these small screens is a breeze. These features aren't really new, since the Amazon Echo Show has had it for quite a while. Google's answer to Amazon Echo Show.

On phones, the Assistant slides up a panel from the bottom of the screen, but on smart displays the hotword pops up as an overlay with the colored Google dots at the top of the screen.

Google's also porting the Assistant to other voice-activated speakers made by the likes of LG, Bang & Olufsen, Altec Lansing, and iHome. The Echo Spot is a lot cheaper at just $US130 ($166), while the Echo Show costs $US230 ($293) - both versions will be released in Australia early this year, though pricing has yet to be announced.

Only two of four companies confirmed as Google Assistant "smart display" manufacturers are actually ready to showcase their market pioneers, with LG and Sony set to follow later on. The addition of Google Assistant will allow drivers to complete more tasks on the road, such as changing directions, select music and even order food and drink.

The general theme is that Google Assistant is coming to more devices, and (ideally) getting more useful. And of course, you can watch YouTube videos.

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