The essay will deal with the geopolitical upheavals caused by the Russian invasion.

The former president of the Republic François Hollande will publish in September an essay on the geopolitical changes caused by the war in Ukraine, said Monday, June 20, the editions Stock.

“Upheavals: to understand the new world order” is due to be published on September 7. “The martyrdom of Ukraine, everyone is aware, has opened a new chapter in world history. On the one hand, a fearsome dictatorship, determined to impose its law on a neighboring and independent country, on the other hand a people anxious for freedom, supported by the coalition of the world’s great democracies”, says the presentation of the book. “Are democracies in decline and threatened by tyrannies on the offensive? What are the new power relations between Europe, Russia, China and the United States? How does the rebirth of empires affect the balance of the world?” the former head of state asks.

François Hollande, since leaving the presidency in 2017, has published an account of his presidency, “The Lessons of Power,” two political essays, “Responding to the Democratic Crisis” and “Confronting,” and a comic book, “Their State.”